Hot Bricks™,  Hot Bag of Fire™ and Hot AllNighter™


HOT BRICKS deliver more heat to your home because we kiln dry our wood chips. The low-moisture content of our tightly compressed wood bricks creates a longer, hotter, more efficient fire.  Unlike cordwood, HOT BRICKS do not waste heat evaporating the water trapped in the wood fiber. Instead, heat is immediately available to warm your home.


  • More BTU’s
  • Longer burn time
  • Even burn
  • Less moisture


  • No bugs
  • No vermin
  • No dirt
  • Less ash
  • Less smoke
  • Less Creosote


  • 100% Renewable Carbon Neutral
  • No petroleum or glue additives




BAG OF FIRE provides an easy lighting, real fire with real ambience and real warmth. The Bag of Fire contains over 100,000 BTU of heat energy and creates a robust fire for up to two hours. Bag of Fire is made from all natural pieces of pressed logs and bricks and provides a better fire than the artificial waxy logs. Great for camping, fire pits, chimineas, or a romantic evening. Bag of Fire burns hot and clean and easy.


  • Roaring fire in minutes
  • Burns up to two hours
  • All natural wood
  • No waxy additives
  • 100,00 BTU per bag


  • Less mess, less ash
  • No mud, no bugs, no mold
  • Reduced Creosote
  • Reduced smoke
  • Reduced pollution




The HOT AllNighter is an extremely dense, all natural, long burn log for use in wood stoves, fire pits, camp fires, chimineas and fire places. With over *68000 BTUs per log, the AllNighter will burn for 8-10 hours in a well managed wood stove. The AllNighter has  a density of 84 pounds per cubic foot, which is nearly a third greater than the  pressed blocks offered by our competitors. So it burns longer.  Our logs are  designed to burn like a large piece of clean coal.  It is made from clean, kiln dried wood chips.  There are no additives.


  • All night heat, 8-10 hour burn-time
  • All natural wood, no additives
  • Extreme density
  • Extreme heat
  • 60,000+ BTU per log
  • Burns like coal
  • Ideal wood stove fuel


  • Reduced Creosote build-up
  • No bugs, no fungus, no mud, no vermin
  • Reduced smoke pollution
  • Less ash, less residue
  • Easy handling
  • Easy storage

HOT RHP Compressed Wood Fuels – are efficient, all natural, pressed wood fuel developed as a cleaner, greener alternative to traditional firewood. A well established HOT fire creates little visible smoke or creosote in your chimney and leaves one tenth the ash residue.  More Importantly, HOT Renewable Heat Products reduce smoke pollution by 1/3 to 1/2 versus cord wood. Renewable Heat Product’s CFWs are a responsible alternative because they burn Hotter and Cleaner than firewood.

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