A little history of the Leominster Ice and Oil Company

Our History

Leominster Ice Company, Inc. was originally established in 1902, harvesting ice from the pond that is now known as Barrett Park and delivering to local residents for refrigeration. When kerosene fired stoves and heaters started to become popular, the Ice Man added a kerosene tank to his delivery truck and began filling 5 gallon jugs, used for heating and cooking, while making his regular ice deliveries. Soon central heating became more popular, fuel storage tanks increased in size and artificial refrigeration replaced the ice box. Time went on, delivery trucks once delivering ice and fuel became the oil truck as we know it today.

Leominster Ice and OIl has always maintained a fuel storage facility. Due to local area growth, in 1999 we built a larger state-of-the-art facility, more than doubling our original capacity, thus affording our customers a dependable supply of fuel. Realizing the customers demand for high quality fuel, we installed an additive system to this facility to insure our delivery trucks are adequately treated with our UltraShield additive package. THis premium fuel helps keep your heating system operating at peak efficiency and reduced fuel related service calls. It is delivered to all our customers at no additional charge.

Thanks for over 118 years of business!